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Common Shelduck Pairs

The Common Shelduck is a strikingly beautiful bird with a red bill and white and chestnut mahogany body plumage. The bird is native to temperate climates in both Europe and Asia, and it enjoys spending the winter months in subtropical areas. They are quite common around the coast of Great Britain especially in the colder months, where they frequently spend time in salt marshes and estuaries, feeding on muscles, worms, snails and other vermin. åÊYou can raise your own shelducks with our common shelduck pairs.

During breeding months, the Common Shelduck enjoys lakes and rivers in the open country, and they typically breed in rabbit burrows, tree holes, and haystacks. They will typically lay between 7 and 12 eggs during a breeding season and they young will begin to fly after approximately 40 days. The males will also develop a swollen bill knob during breeding season.

These beautiful birds come as adult pairs and will be mature enough to mate this year. The males and females are similar in color though the females tend to be a bit duller. Breeding and raising such fascinating and exotic birds can be fun for bird enthusiasts and families alike.

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