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Columbian Wyandotte Chickens



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Columbian Wyandotte Chickens

Columbian Wyandotte Chickens are a beautiful variety of an old American chicken that developed around 1870. The original variety of the heavy, soft feathered Wyandotte is the Silver Laced variety. We also offer many different desirable and beautifully colored feather patterns. The Wyandotte breed is one of the more popular and dependable dual purpose backyard chicken breeds. For a small farm owner, the breed has many desirable traits.

Wyandotte Chickens are excellent layers of large brown and tinted brown eggs. They will usually produce up to 200 eggs per year during their first few years of laying. This robust and cold hardy breed is also relatively easy to care for. As a result, this makes them a great decision for first time chicken buyers and those wanting a dependable winter egg layer. Wyandottes will thrive in free range situations and will also adapt well to confined environments.

Columbian Wyandotte Chickens will brood infrequently and they make excellent mothers. This breed tends do be extremely docile and friendly with people and can be a great pet bird to keep for its utility, beauty, and personal enjoyment.

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