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Buff Brahma Chickens



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Buff Brahma Chicken


The Brahma Chicken originated in India and was imported to New England in the 1840s. The Buff variety of Brahma Chickens was admitted to the Asiatic Class of the Standard in 1924. The breed gets its name from the Brahmaputra River in India.


Buff Brahmas are hardy birds and were originally bred as extra large dual-purpose brown egg laying chickens. They are fancy breeds with fully feathered shanks and feet with a red pea comb. They are an excellent winter layer of medium sized brown eggs and their massive size makes them great for meat.


Male Brahmas can reach the large size of 12 pounds with hens averaging out at 9.5 pounds. They mature slowly and are hardy in cold and hot conditions. Brahmas are also docile birds who frequently brood and make good mothers. Their beautiful appearance, excellent productivity, and practicality make them a very popular backyard bird.

The Buff Brahma is a rare variety who sports a beautiful golden buff color. They have buff laced black feathering on their tail as well as their neck and head. Their plumage is smooth fitting and should not be loose.

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