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Black Swedish Duck Hatching Eggs



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Black Swedish Duck Hatching Eggs

Black Swedish Ducks are a color variety of Blue Swedish Ducks. Swedish Ducks also come in Silver and splashed color patterns. The advantage of Black Swedish over the Blue Swedish is that they will breed true to their colors. If you breed a Black Swedish with a Black Swedish, all of the offspring will have the same black coloration. Black Swedish Ducks are not typically shown but they are domesticated and make great pets. Their stature is similar to a Pekin duck. Coloring is black with a white bib on the chest. Black Swedish Duck Hatching Eggs give you the opportunity to hatch your very own of these striking birds.

Swedish Ducks make great pets because they have a calm disposition, entertaining social behaviors, and they are great foragers. Swedish Ducklings are reasonably active, but not so much that you can expect them quacking in the middle of the night.

If you have a garden, Blue and Black Swedish Ducks can make an excellent garden pet, they will rid your garden or lawn of harmful insects.

Hatching Duck Egg Info

Hatching Duck eggs require an incubator to hatch correctly. These are available at a wide range of websites and also at local farm supply stores. We will have them on eFowl.com shortly.

Fertilized Duck Eggs can be safely transported for about 10 days before they will no longer hatchable. We guarantee that all the eggs we sell will arrive to you intact and in a hatchable condition. However, given the nature of this product and the skill it takes for one to successfully hatch a duckling egg, we cannot guarantee that your eggs will actually hatch.

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