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Black Crested Ducks



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Black Crested Ducks

The Black Crested duck is black and iridescent green bird with a feathered crest on the top of the head. The Crested Duck first appeared in Great Britain, and have been popular to breed because of their unique appearance. Nearly all types of ducks can be bred to have crests, as it is actually a genetic mutation allowing tissue to grow through a gap in the cranium.

Black Crested ducklings are completely black but will develop some greenish and possibly even white feathers as they mature. These birds are bred primarily for show and ornamental purposes, as they are only moderate egg producers. This breed of duck is a member of the American Poultry Association, and is the only listed crested duck breed other than the White Crested Duck.

Crested Ducklings are difficult to breed and hatch due to the precise genetic specifications necessary to produce the crest mutation. We do not recommended Crested Ducks for beginner breeders. Black Crested ducks are a great choice if you are looking for a unique and cool pet.

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