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Wood Ducks (Pair)


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American Wood Ducks

American Wood Ducks are one of the most beautiful native duck breeds in North America. During the fall to summer months, males exhibit rich iridescent plumage and make them a very popular breed to have on the property. Wood Ducks exist in all varieties of freshwater wetlands throughout the country. They are also the second most hunted duck, following the Mallard.

Wood ducks are one of the most popular breeds of waterfowl for novice breeders of ornamental and wild ducks. A few other beautiful breeds that we recommend for new waterfowl breeders is the Mandarin Duck or the Red Head Duck.

Wood Ducks are relatively small birds that fly easily, and they are one of the only duck breeds to nest in trees. Wood Ducks are short-distance migratory birds. However, they tend to winter in slightly warmer climates. There also may be a good percentage of Wood Ducks in the Pacific North West region are non-migratory. If you are looking for a larger flightless bird, we recommend the Rouen, which is too large to fly and will not migrate.

Our Wood Ducks are hatched each Spring, and they are shipped as juvenile pairs. The female will start laying this coming Spring/Summer. Also, young males will usually exhibit their full plumage by late Fall.

Only order these beautifully colored grown ducks if you can provide a suitable environment for them. Areas with closely accessible wetlands or properties with slow moving creeks or rivers are best. Check out the How to Properly Raise and Care for Your New Juvenile Ducks for more information.

Wood Duck Boxes

We also sell an incredibly high quality Wood Duck Box from Heartwood in Star, MS. These wood duck nest boxes are constructed of solid cypress construction. Use these in your breeding pen, or place them strategically about your property to attract breeding wood ducks. A wood duck nest box is necessary to successfully breed wood ducks.

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