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Poultry Processing Equipment

Poultry Processing Equipment

If you plan on raising birds for their meat and handling the butchering on your own, you will need a quality processing station. What you put in your poultry processing station is up to you, but there are a few essentials you’ll need to efficiently process your chickens, turkeys, or other poultry. 

What Kind of Poultry Processing Equipment Do You Need?

First of all, some kill cones to begin the process are a necessity for humane processing.  Next in the line is a scalder, which helps loosen and initially remove some feathers.  You can theoretically scald a bird in a pot in your kitchen, but it may not be the most efficient.  Next is a plucker, which then removes feathers for good.  Then comes eviscerating the bird, which may be done with a multitude of different tools. Depending on your comfort level and experience you may want a smaller table. Usually, a good stainless steel table is helpful. Lastly, you may use a chill tank to help chill the meat after it’s all said and done.

Featherman Equipment is home to some of the best poultry processing equipment out there.  They have a large inventory of different main tools, as well as a multitude of different tools and accessories.  They also offer poultry processing kits, which is a combo product including many different tools to help you save time and money on shipping.

The kind of and amount of tools you will need will come down to the nature and size of your flock. Start small if are limited in experience and comfort level when it comes to processing birds.

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