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Poultry Feed

Poultry Feed

The right poultry feed can make all the difference in keeping your animals healthy, happy, and productive.  At eFowl, we offer a wide variety of different feeds for you to choose from.  All of our organic feeds are grown without using any harmful pesticides and chemicals that could hurt your birds.

Are You In Need Of Poultry Feed?

Finding certain types of poultry feeds for different species or ages of poultry can sometimes be overwhelming.  At eFowl, we offer feed for waterfowl, turkeys, chickens and more.  We also offer different levels of protein in feed which is essential depending on flock age.

Additionally, most feed bags are heavy, which can really boost your shipping prices.  Luckily at eFowl, many of the brands we offer will ship for free.  That means you can get 10, 25, or 50 pound bags of free shipped directly to your door for zero dollars shipping.  No lugging home or to and from your car.  Just place an order and days later your feed will be there!

It’s important to also provide enough space for all of your birds to eat the feed.  Even if you have one feeder theoretically big enough to feed your whole flock, it’s never a bad idea to provide a back up feeder to ensure that even your smaller and less dominant birds don’t get intimidated out of eating a nice dinner.

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