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Egg Incubators for Sale


Incubators are incredible pieces of technology. They can recreate the natural process of incubating and hatching a poultry egg just as birds have been doing for centuries. Fortunately, these tools come in many different types and sizes to accommodate whatever type of egg you might want to hatch.  With so many to choose from, there’s an incubator for everyone.

Which Incubator Is Right For Me?

Incubators are specially designed for different farmers for different purposes.  There is quite a large price range between different sizes and qualities of incubator. For example, small table top models or classroom models are great for the small scale farmer who is not trying to hatch that many eggs.  These smaller incubators can sit right on your table and even feature viewing windows to let you watch the miracle of life happen as they hatch.

Cabinet incubators are larger and towards the higher end of the price range.  These come in a large range of sizes as well and can hold anywhere between 100-3000 eggs.  If you’re raising a small flock and not looking to “mass-incubate” a ton of eggs at once, it’s probably not necessary to spend the money on a larger unit.
As we mentioned earlier, cabinet units typically don’t hold less than a few hundred eggs.  The larger ones you might find on eFowl can hold almost 2000 eggs. These are obviously for the serious farmer who has a serious laying flock! For more help on deciding which incubator is best for you, check out our very helpful eFowl Incubator Buyers Guide.

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