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Chicken Waterers

Giving your flock constant access to water is one of the most important parts of raising chickens or any type of poultry. Chickens can become dehydrated very quickly. Further, they require a constant source of water to regulate body temperature and maintain egg production. Fortunately, depending on the size and nature of your flock, there’s a chicken waterer for just about everyone.

Chicken Waterers – What Kind and How Many?

An important part of choosing the right waterer is knowing your flock and the layout of your coop or farm.  How many birds you have, how old or big they are, and more will all come into play when it comes to choosing a waterer.

When it comes to deciding how many waterers you need, you can theoretically never have too many water sources. It’s always important to provide at least two, because even if you have just a handful of birds, having an extra waterer for the weaker birds to drink out of will ensure they’re always hydrated as well. G

As far as type of chicken waterers, there is a shape and size of waterer for just about every situation.  There are special ones designed just for chicks. There are automatic waterers, heated waterers, nipple waterers, and even heated automatic waterers. Choose a waterer that will fit your budget and adequately support your flock size.

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