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Chicken Feeders

Feeding your chickens is obviously a major part of running a flock.  Despite how simple it sounds, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right feeder for your birds.  The size and nature of your flock can really affect what you might choose in terms of chicken feeders.  No matter what your flock is like, it’s always a good idea to have more than one feeder.  Larger birds and ones higher on the pecking order can push smaller birds out of the way and deprive them of their nutrition!

Chicken Feeders are a Major Key to Harmony in Your Flock

With all the different kinds of feeders, you might not know where to start.  There are hanging feeders, trough feeders, ground feeders, range feeders and more.  Each type of feeder has different advantages that cater to different types and sizes of flocks.

Range feeders are great for larger flocks.  They usually have larger capacities ranging anywhere from 50 to 800 pounds!  They also are UV inhibited and have rain shields so they can withstand long hours in the sun and rain.

Hanging feeders are typically smaller.  They are great if you have problems with your flock knocking over your feeder.  If you have limited space they’re also great because they don’t take up floor space.

Trough feeders are good too.  Many trough feeders are designed specially for chicks.  They’re low to the ground so they can accommodate your smaller birds.

There are other types of chicken feeders.  With a little research you can find the perfect feeder for your flock!

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