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Guinea Fowl for Sale

Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl are an interesting bird species.  They are active and avid foraging birds.  If you’re looking for a natural pest control to have on your farm, these birds will eat and slurp up almost any type of insect or plant that may harm your garden.  That includes weeds, seeds, ticks, ants, beetles, termites, mice, snakes, and other dangerous critters. Many more farmers along the East Coast are keeping Guinea Fowl flocks specifically for tick control. 

Guinea Fowl, The Most Natural Of Pest Controls

As we just mentioned, guinea fowl are great at defending your garden.  Not only do they protect your plants, but they keep you from having to douse your garden in dangerous chemicals over food you will end up eating.

These birds are an interesting bunch that not many people are familiar with.  We offer the 4 different color varieties of this foraging breed that are endemic to West Africa; that includes the Pearl, White, Purple, and Lavender Guinea Fowl.  At eFowl, we also offer Hatchery Choice Guineas.  Hatchery choice will send you an assortment of all 4 of the aforementioned varieties.  This is great for people looking to get started raising a guinea fowl flock!  Hatchery choice also gives you a discounted price per keet!

Guineas are also great to eat.  It’s a drier and leaner than chicken with a more gamey taste.  It’s definitely worth a try! For more information on Guinea fowl, check out our Blog.

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