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Hatching Duck Eggs

Hatching Duck Eggs

Want to see the miracle of life occur right before your very eyes. With fertilized duck eggs, you can see your ducklings make their first steps into this world in what is definitely one of the most fulfilling experiences a farmer, raiser, or breeder can have.

Hatching Duck Eggs Brings The Miracle Of Birth Right To You

These eggs let you experience raising ducklings from the second they hatch. These hatching eggs are fresh and fertilized. They’re also express shipped to you after being laid.

It’s up to you though to incubate the eggs! Never worry though, with the right foresight and preparation, anyone can incubate a hatch of eggs. Proper incubation should see your duck eggs hatching within a month of you receiving them.

If you have kids, these duck eggs are a great way to teach them about animals and the creation of life as a whole! The anticipation created by waiting for the hatch is certainly palpable and exciting.  Schools often order hatching eggs to give kids an engaging and hands-on project that they will surely enjoy.

We have many different breeds of duck eggs to choose from. We also guarantee the duck eggs you receive are fresh, unbroken and certainly fertilized. That being said, we can’t guarantee they will hatch as it is up to you to incubate and care for the eggs until they hatch. Improper care will almost certainly result in a poor hatch rate.


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