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Feather Legged Chickens

Feather Legged Chickens are part of the rare or ornamental group of chicken breeds.  Unlike other breeds, feathered breeds have beautiful feathers growing from their feet and legs.  While this sounds rather strange, it’s actually a beautiful feature that makes these breeds very popular show birds.

These furry, feather legged friends are bred almost solely for ornamental and exhibition purposes.  They’ll make any backyard look like an exotic wonderland.

Despite their beauty and common use as a show bird, these breeds also provide owners with some dual-purpose qualities.  They’ll still lay a decent amount of eggs and can even be harvested for their meat.

It’s important to consider their feathered legs when creating or maintaining a coop for these breeds though.  Many owners will take extra precautions to keep these coops clean and dry to maintain their leg, shank, and foot plumage.  Since the “leg feathers” can grow rather long, a dirty coop and wet coop can create some problems for these guys.

Some popular Feather Legged Chickens sold on eFowl include:

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