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Egg Layers for Sale

Egg Layers

As the backyard chicken movement booms, more and more families are realizing the benefits of raising egg laying chickens. The hardest part about raising a flock of egg layers is deciding which breeds you want in your flock.

Egg Types

There are hundreds of varieties of chicken breeds, some age old heritage breeds and some new slick production hybrids. Each with their own distinct color pattern, personality, and production qualities. Browse through our selection of egg laying chickens organized by size and egg color to find the breeds that work best for your flock. Many of our most popular breeds lay a beautiful light brown or tan egg. However, if you’re looking for green eggs, we have you covered with our Easter Eggers. Don’t worry, you can find classic white egg layers as well. Lately, dark brown egg layers like the Cuckoo Marans, Black Copper Marans, Barnevelder, and the Welsummer have been growing in popularity. Lucklily, you will find all of these breeds available from multiple hatcheries on eFowl.

eFowl works with a network of NPIP certified hatcheries to ensure that we can provide the best quality and selection of heritage and production breeds. Regardless of your preferred egg color or plumage pattern, our service team is here to ensure you find great chicken breeds for a great price. We also offer free shipping on all chicken orders over 25 birds.