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About Us

The eFowl Company Story and Mission
Our mission: to empower the American farmer to succeed with technology and information resources.

Agricultural Impact and Vision

How we view sustainability in the poultry industry.

As consumers, our everyday decisions have an impact on how goods are produced and distributed locally and globally, especially when it comes to food. When we demand to know where our food comes from and how it is produced, we can have a collective impact on how food is produced in our country. When we can become less conscious of absolute lowest price, and more conscious of production methods and environmental impact, we can perpetuate a healthy connection between consumers and producers and promote the booming trend of sustainable agriculture.

At eFowl, we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with small farms and hatcheries on a daily basis, and we are proud supporters of sustainable agricultural practices and localized food production.

As we grow, our goal is to impact local agricultural production and consumption. We want to address the challenges of all small to mid sized agricultural producers by providing a resource for growers, producers, and consumers to purchase and sell live poultry for pasture raised egg and meat production.

Eggs at the Market

What We Do

How eFowl works to seamlessly connect hatcheries and farms.

When you place an order on eFowl.com for on of our partner hatcheries, we validate availability and accuracy with the hatchery. We’ve developed a proprietary system to offer you the absolute best in order fulfillment and customer service. We consider a number of factors when filling your order:

  • Geographic Location – We will always attempt to minimize the geographic distance between you and where your birds come from, and we stand by our work with a comprehensive Live Arrival Guarantee.
  • Breed Availability – As with anything you buy online, you want to receive your purchase as soon as possible. We work to make sure your order will be ready for shipment in the shortest possible time after it is placed. While this varies greatly by breed, season, and location, we are able to ship most orders in 1-3 weeks.
  • Postal System Performance – We are constantly monitoring and analyzing the performance of the US Postal Service (currently the only carrier in the US which will transport live poultry) to minimize the risk in shipping. We strive to conduct our business as humanely as possible and we are able to reduce the risk of shipping live birds more than any single hatchery can.
  • Hatchery Quality and Reliability – Our suppliers are subject to rigorous quality assurance standards, enabling us to sell and ship live birds with the highest degree of success possible. All of our hatcheries and partners conform to the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Furthermore, we conduct such a large amount of business that we are able to analyze the capabilities of every hatchery, focusing on the strengths of each organization while avoiding the weaknesses and common points of customer dissatisfaction.

Our purpose is to serve small farms, Community Supported Agricultural organizations (CSAs), Universities, and backyard farms across the nation. We believe that by connecting small to mid sized agricultural producers to each other and their consumers, and promoting transparency in our food trade, we can push society back toward localized production and consumption and away from overly industrialized agriculture.

Our Agricultural Values

Farmer Holding Eggs

Consumers know in detail where and how their food is produced, the quality of life of the animals, and how the food is distributed to their local markets and co ops.

Farmer Holding Baby Turkey

We support raising quality Heritage poultry breeds with diverse genetics for healthy, hardy, disease resistant, and productive flocks.

egg production

Expanded opportunity for smaller and mid sized agricultural producers and organizations to easily access the growing market of eco conscious consumers.