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  White Wood Duck Pairs
White Wood Ducks Pairs
A Beautiful, White Wood Duck Variety- click the image above for more photos!


White Wood Duck Juvenile Pairs

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1 Male/Female Juvenile Pair for $349.99

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Full Winged (Fully Capable of Flight)
Clipped Wings (Temporarily Rendered Flightless)
Pinioned Wings (Permanently Rendered Flightless)

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White Wood Duck Pairs

White Wood Ducks are essentially a white colored variety of American Wood Duck. The white and pale buff plumage of the White Wood Duck is caused by a genetic mutation that is not too uncommon in the wild. The essential characteristics -size, shape, and crest- of the White Wood Duck is identical to that of the, American Wood Duck, a popular duck breed and game bird native to North America. Wood Ducks can be found in all varieties of freshwater wetlands throughout the country and are the second most hunted duck following the Wild Mallard.

White Wood Ducks are relatively small birds that fly easily, and they are one of few duck breeds to nest in trees. Wood Ducks are short-distance migratory birds and tend to winter in slightly warmer climates, though it is thought that a good percentage of Wood Ducks in the Pacific North West region are non-migratory. Less of the White Wood Ducks are actually seen in the wild mostly because their bright white and brown plumage make them much more visible and vulnerable to predators. If you are looking for a larger flightless bird, we recommend the Rouen, which is too large to fly and will not migrate.

It is important to note that these Wood Ducks will be delivered as juvenile pairs. The female will start laying this season. The White Wood Duck and all other varieties of Wood Ducks are excellent breeds to choose for beginning bird enthusiasts interested in raising and breeding rare or exotic adult birds. These birds are extremely hardy, and an excellent choice for those with some space restrictions.

It is best to only order these beautifully colored grown ducks if you will be able to provide an environment similar to its natural wild habitat. Areas with closely accessible wetlands or properties with slow moving creeks or rivers are best. A good living environment will help to ensure a good life quality for the birds as well as better egg production and reproductive capacities.
Product Facts

White Wood Duck Info

  • Weight - Males: 1.5 - 2.5 pounds ; Females: 1.5-2
  • Color - Males: Light beige or buff crested head with the characteristic white stripes around the eyes. The bird will have a white throat and belly with light buff coloring to the breast. The bill is patterned with white, black and red coloring, and both sexes will have red eyes.
    Hens: Mostly white, sometimes showing a yellowish tint in the head feathers. Females have a light orange and pink bill and feet.
  • Egg Color - White

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