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Very Rare Chicken Breeds

Our Very Rare Chicken Breeds include some of our most popular breeds.  Some of the breeds you will find in our Very Rare Chicken category are:

Many of these breeds are desired for their beautiful plumage patterns, fancy feathering, and popular exhibition value.
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Jersey White Giant Chickens Speckled Sussex Chickens Sicilian Buttercup Chickens
Price: $3.69

Price: $3.69

Price: $3.69

Jersey White Giant Chickens for sale, Buy Jersey White Giant Chicks, Jersey White Giant Chicken Image Photo Picture Speckled Sussex Chicks for Sale, Buy Speckled Sussex Chickens, Speckled Sussex Chicken Photo Image Picture Sicilian Buttercup Chicks for sale, buy Sicilian Buttercup Chickens, Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Image Picture
Salmon Faverolle Chickens Dominique Chickens Columbian Wyandotte Chickens
Price: $3.69

Price: $3.69

Price: $3.69

Buy Salmon Faverolle Chicks, Salmon Faverolle Chickens for Sale, Salmon Faverolle Chicken Image Picture Photo Buy Dominique Chicks, Dominique Chickens for Sale, Dominique Chicken Picture Image Buy Columbian Wyandotte Chicks, Columbian Wyandotte Chickens for Sale, Buy Columbian Wyandotte Chicken Image Photo Picture
Silver Phoenix Chickens Cuckoo Marans Chickens Black Cochin Chickens
Price: $4.19

Price: $4.29

Price: $4.79
Silver Phoenix Chicks, Buy Silver Phoenix Chickens, Silver Phoenix Chicken Picture Images Cuckoo Marans Chicks for sale, buy Cuckoo Marans Chickens, Cuckoo Marans Chicken Image Picture Black Cochin Chicks, Black Cochin Chickens for Sale, Black Cochin Chicken Picture Image
White Cochin Chickens Golden Phoenix Chickens Golden Phoenix Bantam
Price: $4.79
Price: $4.79

Price: $7.19
White Cochin Chicks for Sale, Buy White Cochin Chickens, White Cochin Chicken Picture Image Golden Phoenix Chicks, Buy Golden Phoenix Chickens, Golden Phoenix Chicken Picture Images Golden Phoenix Bantam Chicks, Buy Golden Phoenix Bantam Chickens, Golden Phoenix Bantam Chicken Picture Images
Black Copper Marans Chickens Wheaten Aseel Chickens Black Breasted Red Aseel Chickens
Price: $9.99

Price: $10.99
Price: $11.99
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