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We are now taking orders for turkeys for the 2015 season!

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We offer some of the most popular domesticated turkey breeds in the country, whether you are looking for Broad Breasted White Turkeys or Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys for large scale turkey meat operations or for the increasingly popular Heritage Breeds, such as the Bourbon Red Turkey, the Royal Palm Turkeys, Narragansett Turkeys, and more.
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Buy Royal Palm Turkeys for sale from eFowl.com Royal Palm Turkeys
Price: $13.99

Buy Bourbon Red Turkeys for sale from eFowl.com Bourbon Red Turkeys
Price: $13.99

Buy Blue Slate Turkeys for sale from eFowl.com Blue Slate Turkeys
Price: $13.99

Buy Black Spanish Turkeys for sale from eFowl.com Black Spanish Turkeys
Price: $13.99

Buy Eastern Wild Turkeys for sale from eFowl.com Eastern Wild Turkey
Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99

These poults are safely and comfortably shipped hours after they hatch. You will receive your baby turkeys when they are about 24-48 hours old. All of our turkeys for sale have a ten poult minimum order quantity, but if you order at least 15 birds total, we may be able to include less that 10 turkey poults with your order.

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Have questions about how the ordering process works or how we safely ship the birds? Check out our FAQs.