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Small Chicken and Duck Order Specials

We plan to begin accepting Small Orders on 4/1/11. However, this is weather dependent is an a tentative date.

Raising chickens can be quite rewarding and enjoyable for families and children, and investing in backyard chicken farming can be a great way to provide supplemental eggs and meat for those who like to know exactly where their food comes from. Many cities and towns restrict the number of chickens or ducks that are permissible to raise in one's backyard. Adequate space or the size of the chicken coop can also restrict how many chickens you can raise while still maintaining a healthy living environment for the birds. These restrictions as well as hatchery minimums prevent many potential chicken owners from being able to enjoy the rewarding experience of raising poultry.

We are now offering a small order option for backyard chicken farmers interested in raising chickens but only have a small chicken coop or limited space. If you only need a few laying chickens to help feed the family or you don't want the hassle of raising 15 or more chickens, browse through our small order specials. You'll be able to select from numerous and readily available chicken breeds in quantities of 5 or 10 chickens as well as a pair of straight run ducks with our Pet Duck Special.
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Small Order Special - 3 Chicks Small Order Chicken Special - 3 Chicks
3 Chicks (Free Shipping) for $64.99

Small Order Special - 5 Chicks Small Order Chicken Special - 5 Chicks
5 Chicks (Free Shipping) for $74.99

Small Order Chicken Special - 10 Pullets, Buy Small Order Chicken Special, Small Order Chicken Breeds Small Order Chicken Special - 10 Chicks
10 Female Chicks (Free Shipping) for $84.99
Sale Price: $104.99

These chicks are safely and comfortably shipped hours after they hatch. You will receive your baby chicks when they are about 24-48 hours old.

eFowl.com is committed to offering the best customer service in your experience of buying chickens. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us by sending an email to Service@eFowl.com.

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