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Small Duck Breeds for Sale

Small Duck Breeds include some of the most popular breeds of ducks including Mallard Ducks and Call Ducks.

They are very light being under 4 pounds. Small Duck Breeds will to be able to fly once they are mature. They are always shipped with the utmost care for the safety of the ducklings.
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Assorted Ducklings for Sale, Hatchery Choice Ducklings Assorted Ducks
Price: $6.29

Mallard Ducklings Domesticated Mallard Ducks Mallard Ducks
Price: $6.49

Assorted Call Ducklings Assorted Call Ducks
Price: $12.99

White Call ducks for sale White Call ducklings buy White Calls White Call Ducks
Price: $16.99

Snow Call Ducks and Ducklings Snowy Silver Snowy Call Ducks
Price: $16.99

Grey Call Ducks Gray Call Ducklings Pets Mallard Calls Grey Call Ducks
Price: $13.99

Blue Call Ducks Ducklings Blue Call Ducks
Price: $16.99

Black Call Ducks Black Call Ducklings Pets Mallard Calls Black Call Ducks
Price: $13.99

Pastel Call Ducks Saxony Call Ducklings Pastel Call Ducks
Price: $16.99

Penciled Call Ducks Penciled Call Ducklings Pets Penciled Calls Penciled Call Ducks
Price: $16.99

These ducklings are safely and comfortably shipped hours after they hatch. You will receive your baby ducks when they are about 24-48 hours old. Most of our ducks for sale have no minimum order quantity.

eFowl.com is committed to offering the best customer service in your experience of buying ducks. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us by sending an email to Service@eFowl.com.

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