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  Silver Phoenix Chickens
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Silver Phoenix Chickens

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Silver Phoenix Chicks

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Num. Birds 1-24 25-49 50-99 100+
Price per Bird $3.29 $3.19 $2.99 $2.89
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Price: $3.29
Breed Specific Minimum: 5

Availability: Available to Hatch and Ship in 4-6 Weeks

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Silver Phoenix Chickens

The Silver Phoenix is one of many varieties of Phoenix Chickens that have been bred and raised in Japan for centuries. The Phoenix is a long tailed chicken breed that is kept primarily for its exhibition and aesthetic purposes. It is a remarkably beautiful chicken breed, and it will lay medium sized white legs, but not frequently enough to call it a utility trait. The Silver Phoenix is a fairly small chicken breed with a single comb and white earlobes.

The female Silver Phoenix has a silvery white head and neck with thinly penciled black hackles. The breast is a reddish salmon color with gray sides. The back and tail feathers are dark gray with some finely stippled silver. The very end of the tail is straight black. The male Silver Phoenix has a lustrous greenish black breast and long tail. The sickles of the mail are silvery gray with some black penciling. The head is similar to the females. The male has some whit secondary feathers, or coverts, but the main beauty of this animal is it's long and lustrous blackish green tail. It is important to have a high roost for these birds and to keep the floor of their coop reasonably clean to help prevent the long tail from picking up too much waste.
Product Facts

Silver Phoenix Chicken Info

  • Adult Weight - Male: 5.5 lbs ; Female: 4 lbs
  • Purpose - Ornamental Exhibition
  • Egg Production - Poor
  • Egg Size and Color -Medium White
  • Region of Origin -Japan

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