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  Silver Penciled Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken
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Silver Penciled Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken

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Silver Penciled Egyptian Fayoumi Chicks

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Silver Penciled Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken

The Silver Penciled Egyptian Fayoumi is the silver penciled variety of an ancient Egyptian breed that has only recently been introduced into the United States. The Egyptian Fayoumi is not recognized as a standard breed, but it is quite an interesting and rare chicken breed none the less. It was originally bred in Egypt as a layer of white or cream colored eggs, but it is not a strong egg producer by today's standards.

Though they do not have a lot of farm utility, these birds can be fun to raise and have interesting personalities. Their feathering patter is similar to that of the Silver Campine, but they Fayoumi has long white saddle feathers and some white laced black saddle feathers as well. The Fayoumi has a pure iridescent black and beetle green tail.

The Egyptian Fayoumi is sometimes known as an "escape artist" because of it's extremely inquisitive nature and strong flying capabilities (compared to most chickens). They feather and mature very early, and they are quite vocal when handled. They are also very hardy birds that will do well in extremely hot weather.
Product Facts

Silver Penciled Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken Info

  • Adult Weight - Male: 4-5 pounds ; Female: 3-3.5 pounds
  • Color - White head and hackles, black and white and black barred breast and leg plumage; white and white laced black saddle feathers; iridescent black and green tail; large red comb and wattle, white ear lobes, yellow feet. Females have white neck and head feathers but have mostly black and white barred feathers.
  • Purpose - Ornamental
  • Egg Production - Below Average
  • Broodiness - Very Broody
  • Egg Size and Color -Medium White
  • Region of Origin -Egypt

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