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  Silver Appleyard Duck Hatching Eggs
Silver Appleyard Duck Hatching Eggs, Silver Appleyard Ducklings
A wonderfully colored and popular farm duck - click the image above for more photos!


Silver Appleyard Duck Hatching Eggs

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Silver Appleyard Duck Hatching Eggs

The Silver Appleyard is one of the more colorful breeds of larger ducks. One of the defining characteristics of the Silver Appleyard ducks is their slower maturation process. Many pet owners and breeders alike will favor the Silver Appleyard ducklings to observe and enjoy its drawn out development process. Unlike other waterfowl which mature in a matter of weeks, the Silver Appleyard will take a few months to reach full size and plumage coloration. These ducks are primarily silver and white, having a black stripe on the top of their heads, black tails, and black growth under their exterior plumage. Hens and drakes have differing coloration in that the drakes' heads are greenish, similar to the Mallard and Rouen. Also, drakes generally have a darker chest and back, with molted brown and black spots covering back and chests. Silver Appleyards are commonly raised as pets, but are also shown in exhibitions, used for decoration, and farmed for eggs. Also, they are considered gourmet roasting ducks as their meat is lean and flavorful.

Hatching Duck Egg Info

Hatching Duck eggs require an incubator to hatch correctly. These are available at a wide range of websites and also at local farm supply stores. We will have them on eFowl.com shortly.

Fertilized Duck Eggs can be safely transported for about 10 days before they will no longer hatchable. We guarantee that all the eggs we sell will arrive to you intact and in a hatchable condition. However, given the nature of this product and the skill it takes for one to successfully hatch a duckling egg, we cannot guarantee that your eggs will actually hatch.
Product Facts

Silver Appleyard Duck Info

  • Weight - 6-8 pounds
  • Color - Drakes - Breasts, sides, shoulders, and flanks are reddish-chestnut with white frosting and lacing, the underbody is silvery white or sometimes creamy, the wings are gray and white with a stunning bright blue cross-stripe, lacing or penciling on the upper bodies. Drakes have a lush green head, which will sometimes develop dark stripes as they age. Their beaks are a greenish yellow with a black tip, while their feet are orange.
    Hens - Generally whitish with gray, and brown, with buff markings, the wings have a blue cross-stripe, lacing or penciling on the upper bodies. They have yellow and orange bills, and orange feet.
  • Egg Color - White
  • Country of Origin - England

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