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  Roman Tufted Goose

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Roman Tufted Goose

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Roman Tufted Goose

Metzer Farms

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Num. Birds 1-5 6-19 20-59 60+
Price per Bird $19.99 $19.49 $18.49 $17.49

This breed must be purchased as Straight Run, or as Male/Female pairs. We cannot sell more females than males of this breed.

Price: $19.99

Availability: Available in 1-3 weeks; next hatch date: 07/04/16

Goose Gender

Gender of Geese*:
Straight Run (Day-Old Random Gender)
Females (Day-Old Geese) [Add $1.99]
Males (Day-Old Ganders) [Add $1.99]

Sold Out for 2016
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Roman Tufted Geese

The Roman Tufted Goose is a small ornamental breed of domestic goose, and it's development can be dated back to over 2000 years ago in the Danube River Valley. True to its name, white Roman Tufted Geese are identified by the small tuft of feathers on top of their head. In Europe they are bred as a utility goose breed for their fast growth and small meaty carcass, but in North America they are revered more as an ornamental breed for their tufts.

Roman Geese are a prolific breed; they are pleasant and friendly but can tend to be quite noisy and "talkative" when they become excited. This breed makes an excellent backyard bird because of their love for bugs. Their superb foraging abilities make an excellent ecological option for pest control in the yard or garden, and their alertness and willingness to "sound the alarm" also make this goose an excellent sentinel to ward off other potential threats to your yard and garden.

If you intend to breed this bird, you must be very careful and observant to any minor defective genetic traits because this breed descends from a small group of birds and has a small genetic pool. Be sure to look for calm and gentle birds with compact bodies. Choose the pure white birds with well rounded chests, straight necks, and large tufts.

The Roman Tufted Goose makes an excellent plump roasting bird and will make an excellent addition to the family for those looking for an ornamental pet goose with great foraging abilities.
Product Facts

Roman Tufted Goose Info

  • Weight - Male: 12 pounds ; Female: 10 pounds
  • Color - White plumage, some may develop small amounts of gray or buff color, blue eyes, red-orange legs, pinkish bill with white tip
  • Egg Color - White
  • Egg Production - 25-35 eggs per year
  • Region of Origin -Danube River Valley

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