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Rare Duck Breeds

We require a minimum of 15 rare ducks OR call ducks combined in order to ship safely.

We offer many Rare Duck Breeds that you will not find on any other hatchery website. We hatch a limited number of our Rare Breeds each year, and they only hatch through certain months of the Spring Season. Some of these breeds include:

Browse our Rare Duck Breeds and remember to book early because these hard to find popular breeds will sell out quickly.
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***Please note that we cannot ship Call Ducks directly into Virginia due to certain restriction in place by the State of Virginia. We can ship to a border state or post office close to the VA border, but we will not be able to fill your order if you have a Virginia shipping address.***

These ducklings are safely and comfortably shipped hours after they hatch. You will receive your baby ducks when they are about 24-48 hours old. Most of our ducks for sale have a minimum of 2 to be shipped.

eFowl.com is committed to offering the best customer service in your experience of buying ducks. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us by sending an email to Service@eFowl.com.

Have questions about how the ordering process works or how we safely ship the birds? Check out our FAQs.