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Adult Ducks and Pheasants for Sale

Our rare adult fowl breeds are highly sought after as pets or for populating your property with exquisite wildlife. In most cases, these birds are sold as juvenile pairs, which were hatched the previous spring. They have been expertly raised and are ready to be to sold to their new caretakers.

Obtaining rare fowl breeds, especially those which are native to North America, can be a bit difficult. We handle the entire process from start to finish, from providing the necessary Federal Paperwork, to packaging the birds in USPS approved transport boxes, to strategically shipping them for the fastest and safest transportation to you.
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Grey Call Ducks (Juvenile Pairs)
1 Juvenile Male/Female Pair For $89.99
Currently Unavailable
Grey Call Ducks Gray Call Pets Mallard Calls Juvenile Adult Grey Call Ducks
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