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  Partridge Plymouth Rock Chickens
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Partridge Plymouth Rock Chickens

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Partridge Plymouth Rock Chicks

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Partridge Plymouth Rock Chicken

Partridge Plymouth Rock Chickens, or more commonly called Partridge Rock Chickens, are a rare and strikingly beautiful variety of Plymouth Rock Chicken. Partridge Rocks, Buff Plymouth Rocks, White Rocks, and Barred Plymouth Rocks have been extremely popular in America since their introduction in 1869.

Originally Plymouth Rocks were bred as a dual-purpose fowl, valued both for their meat and the hens' egg-laying abilities. The ongoing and growing popularity of these chickens with the “backyard chicken” movement is largely due to it's docile and easily tamable nature, brooding frequency, long life expectancy, and excellent production of both eggs and meat. Any of our varieties of Plymouth Rock are a great choice for families wishing to raise a calm, dual-purpose brown egg layer, and the Partridge Plymouth Rock is a great choice for those looking for the dual purpose characteristics but want a little more color variety to their flock. The Partridge Plumage Pattern is one of the most beautiful of all poultry feathering patterns. The male Partridge Rocks have beautiful red heads and greenish black hackles with fine red lacing. Their saddles match the hackles and the upper wings resemble the brilliant red of the lacing and the head. There are two distinct bars of brilliant greenish black as well as a dark red on the wings. The females have a dark reddish bay heads, and the rest of the body feathering is the same deep reddish bay with fine black penciling. This coloring is a distinct pattern that occurs in partridge varieties of other breeds of chickens

Partidge Plymouth Rocks are rather large chickens and are considered heavy breeds. The face of the Plymouth Rockis red with red ear lobes, a bright yellow beak, bay-colored eyes, and a single comb of moderate size. Their feathers are fairly loosely held but do not easily tangle. Partridge Rocks will lay large brown eggs that vary in color from light to medium brown; some even have a touch of pink. Though production will decrease throughout the winter, the Buff Rock will continue to lay under the right circumstances, and heating their roosting area can help maintain some production throughout the winter. On average, each Plymouth Rock hen will lay around 200 eggs per year.
Product Facts

Partridge Plymouth Rock Chicken Info

  • Adult Weight - Male: 9.5 pounds ; Female: 6 pounds
  • Color - Partridge Color Pattern, Yellow Skin, Smaller Red Comb, Red Face and Earlobes
  • Purpose - Dual Purpose - Egg Laying and Meat Production
  • Egg Production - Excellent, 200 + per year
  • Broodiness - Very Broody
  • Egg Color - Large Brown
  • Country of Origin -United States

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Marek's Disease Vaccination
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Marek's Disease Vaccination for Chicks

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Partridge Rocks June 25, 2014
Reviewer: Sonya Garris from PENDLETON, SC United States  
Big hen with lovely disposition and lays large BEAUTIFUL eggs.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Chicks were shipped WAY too early and many died June 20, 2014
Reviewer: Grace Tijan from Saxon, WI United States  
I figured when I placed the order that they would be shipped at a decent time of year for the location.  However, I received an email that it was final and could not be altered and would be sent beginning of April.  I hoped for good weather, but unfortunately it dipped down to around 10-20 degrees.  They all made it for about 24 hours than one by one started dying off from the stress.  I could tell they had a hard time and tried to nurse them back to health but there was nothing I could do.  I had 8 chicks die out of the 26 I received and only ended up with 6 hens out of the 18 remaining chickens.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
strong and active May 13, 2014
Reviewer: Anastasia Thomas from Stevensville, MT United States  
I didnt lose any of these and they are very fast and hard to catch.

Was this review helpful to you?

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