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Old English Game Bantams

One of the oldest known breeds of land fowl, the Old English Game Fowl have been raised around the Western world for centuries. Once used for cock fighting in ancient rome, the Old English Game Fowl is an aggressive and territorial bird that is now used most commonly for exhibition and show purposes. Having a male can also be quite beneficial in protecting your flock of chickens from certain daytime predators, as the males will defend their territory vehemently.

The Bantam Old English chicks are one of the more popular breeds of show bantams in the United States. They have fun and active dispositions, and they require minimal space and feed. The Standard Old English Game Fowl are thought to be one of the oldest breeds of land fowl, and they are most known for their gaminess. The Old English Bantams have been admitted to the American Standard of Perfection and they currently represent the largest class of breeds represented at poultry shows. When showing the Old English Game Fowl you must dub the comb, lobes, and wattles to avoid disqualification.
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These chicks are safely and comfortably shipped hours after they hatch. You will receive your baby chicks when they are about 34-48 hours old.

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