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Meat Chickens or Broiler Breeds are typically quick to mature and produce excellent quality chicken meat. The Jumbo Cornish Cross is specifically bred for fast growth and is meant for meat production alone. It will not make a good pet or good layer, but if raised correctly and given appropriate amounts of feed it will make an excellent broiler chicken in as soon as 6 weeks.

Many of our other Meat Breeds are considered dual purpose breeds and many were once considered prime broiler breeds before the development of the Jumbo Cornish Cross. Depending on the breed, some may make excellent backyard birds, laying a good quantity of eggs, making good pets and producing high yeilds of tasty meat.
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Jumbo Cornish Cross Chickens Red Broilers Dark Cornish Chickens
Price: $2.79

Price: $3.39

Price: $3.39
Buy Jumbo Cornish Cross Chickens, Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicks for Sale, Jumbo Cornish Cross Picture Image Red Broiler Chickens, Red Broiler Chicks for Sale, Red Broiler Chicken Image Picture Buy Dark Cornish Chickens, Dark Cornish Chicks for Sale, Dark Cornish Chicken Picture Image
Delaware Chickens
Price: $3.04

Delaware Chickens, Delaware Chicks for Sale, Delaware Chicken Image Picture
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