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La Fleche Chicks

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La Fleche Chicken

The La Fleche Chicken Breed is a fairly rare breed of chicken that was created and raised for many years in the La Sarthe River Valley in France. It's namesake is a small town called La Fleche in that region. Created by selective breeding of the Black Spanish, Crevecour Chicken, and the DuMans Chicken, the La Fleche Chicken is most commonly known for it's unique V-shaped comb that is a characteristic of only a few other chicken breeds. Other traits that were selected in the creation this breed is its high carriage, active disposition, and its large white ear lobes.

The La Fleche chicken was originally intended to be a good dual purpose breed that lays a good number of white eggs and can be used for quality but moderate amounts of white skinned chicken meat. It is mostly bred in the United States for its unique and devilish appearance, but in France is still served in some high end restaurants. It even has the nickname of Devil Breed because of it's startling red eyes and red V-shaped comb.

As far as physical appearance, it has lustrous and iridescent green and black plumage with white wing tips and some white feathering on the throat. It has menacing red eyes along with a V-shaped red comb and red wattles, and its ear lobes are enamel white - a trait uniform among white egg layers from the Mediterranean regions. The La Fleche has a long neck and broad back and carries itself upright. It's broad breast and strong wings give it more of a menacing look to go along with its red eyes and V-shaped comb. This can be a fun breed to raise for it's interesting features, and its egg and meat production will provide ample utility as well.
Product Facts

La Fleche Chicken Info

  • Adult Weight - Male: 7-8 pounds ; Female: 5.5-6.5 pounds
  • Color - Black and iridescent green feathers; red v-shaped comb and wattles, white earlobes
  • Purpose - Dual Purpose and Ornamental - Egg Laying, Meat Production
  • Ornamental - Yes, V-shaped comb
  • Egg Production - Good, around 180 per year
  • Broodiness - Somewhat broody
  • Egg Color - White
  • Country of Origin -France

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