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Heritage Turkey Breeds

Rare Turkeys have a shipping minimum of 15 total chicks or turkeys in an order. We cannot ship less 15 birds in an order that contains Rare Turkeys.

Heritage Turkey Breeds are beautifully colored poultry that American farm owners and backyard poultry breeders have enjoyed raising for their meat production and aesthetic appeal for many generations. What makes these particular turkeys "Heritage Breeds"? There are three main qualifications required for a turkey to be considered a heritage breed:
  1. Unlike the broad breasted commercial breeds, Heritage Turkey Breeds are able to reproduce naturally and thrive in free range environments. In order to be considered a Heritage Breed the turkeys must also be a product of natural reproduction.
  2. Heritage Turkey Breeds also live long and productive lives, breeding hens being productive for 5-7 years and the toms productive between 3 and 5 years.
  3. The last requirement of Heritage Turkey Breeds is that they have a slow to moderate growth rate, allowing them to build a strong skeletal structure and healthy organs before building substantial muscle mass. Most Heritage Breeds reach their prime market weight around 28 weeks.
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