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Hatching Eggs for Sale

Are you ready to experience raising baby chicks or ducklings, and want to enjoy the process of new life from its very beginning? Hatching Eggs are fresh, fertilized eggs which we express ship to you recently after being laid by the hens at our farms. If you incubate the eggs correctly, you should be able to experience the hatching process within a month of receiving the eggs. Hatching Eggs are a wonderful way for children to learn about animals and the creation of life. Fertilized Eggs not only create a mood of excitement and anticipation, but also teach a sense of environmental responsibility and reverence for life. Many schools and other organizations order hatching eggs to facilitate an engaging, hands-on project which is second to none.

We offer many different breeds of duck and chicken hatching eggs, as well as turkey and game bird hatching eggs. We guarantee you will receive fresh, unbroken, fertilized eggs. However, we do not guarantee that they will actually hatch for you, as this requires significant time and effort on your part. Make sure that you understand exactly how your incubator functions and that you have adequate instruction on hatching chicken or duck eggs before ordering fertile eggs.

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Assorted Egg Layer Hatching Eggs, Egg Layer Chicken Eggs - Buy Assorted Egg Layer Hatching Eggs Assorted Egg Layer Hatching Eggs
Price Per Egg: $3.49

New Hampshire Red Chicken Eggs, New Hampshire Red Chickens - Buy New Hampshire Red Chicken Hatching Eggs New Hampshire Red Hatching Eggs
Free Shipping! - Price Per Egg: $4.49

Rhode Island Red Chicken Eggs, Rhode Island Red Chickens - Buy Rhode Island Red Chicken Hatching Eggs Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs
Price Per Egg: $4.49

Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicken Hatching Eggs, Fertile Chicken Hatching Eggs - Buy Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicken Hatching Eggs Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicken Hatching Eggs
Free Shipping! - Price Per Egg: $4.49
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All of our eggs are expertly packaged and shipped.  We use special foam containers which are specifically designed to mail eggs.  If any of your eggs arrive broken, we will refund you the cost of the egg