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There is currently a minimum order of 15 guinea fowl keets in order to ensure safe shipping. Guinea Fowl cannot be combined with chickens to meet this minimum

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Guinea Fowl (also referred to as Guinea hens) originate from Africa, and have been domesticated around the world. They are known as an avid foraging bird, vigorously scouring the ground for bugs, insects, and weed seeds. This trait has earned them the moniker of gleanies in the UK.

Have a problem with ticks? Our guinea breeds have a taste for ticks, and a flock of guinea fowl can greatly reduce a population of the pesky insects.

Furthermore, guinea breeds are excellent as watchdog type birds, as they will make a warning call in the presence of strange people or animals. Most guineas are monogamous, creating a different dynamic in your flock than many other types of domesticated poultry choosing to pair off in little families. Finally, Guinea Fowl meat is dark and makes an exotic and luxurious dish served in many restaurants.
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These guinea keets are safely and comfortably shipped hours after they hatch. You will receive your baby guineas when they are about 24-48 hours old. Most of our guinea for sale have a minimum order quantity of fifteen birds. is committed to offering the best customer service in your experience of buying guineas and other birds. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us by sending an email to

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