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Duck Feeds for Sale

We offer a few different feeds for waterfowl. Most of the feeds that we currently offer are USDA Organic, Non-Medicated duck feeds, but we do have an All Purpose Poultry Feed that can be mixed with other grains to create an excellent and nutritious non-medicated duck feed.

Many of our different feeds are developed to support your ducklings during their different stages of development. Regardless of the age of your ducklings or which feed you choose for your ducklings, we always recommend Non-Medicated poultry feed for waterfowl. Often the medications used is some chicken feed can be harmful and unnecessary for most waterfowl.

We strive to offer a variety of poultry feeds for your entire flock, including certified USDA Organic, Non-Medicated feeds. The base ingredients of our organic poultry feeds are grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Our organic poultry feeds provide the highest quality nutrients for your poultry.
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