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Now Taking Orders for 2016 Duckling and Chicken Shipments

eFowl is proud to be one of the most trusted sources of live poultry and supplies for small to mid sized farms each year, and we are excited to continue expanding our network of hatcheries and producers in 2016. We strive to promote pasture raised poultry around the country by offering an extended availability of production and heritage poultry breeds at competitive prices with superb customer support. Give us the opportunity to be your poultry and equipment supplier in 2016.

Here are a few reasons to try eFowl:

  • You won't find a better selection of poultry on the internet.
  • We network a variety of quality family farms and poultry hatcheries across the country. Thus, we will always ship your order from a location as geographically close to you as possible. This minimizes your cost as well as the risks associated with shipping live birds.
  • We are strong supporters of pasture raised poultry production and local food distribution in America, and we provide extremely competitive pricing for CSAs and large poultry orders.
  • All of our chickens and ducks for sale adhere to rigorous quality standards and disease testing, fully complying with the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP).
  • Our partners are family businesses that have been packaging and shipping live poultry around the country for decades, and their extensive experience ensures high shipping success rates anywhere in the country.
  • offers a comprehensive Live Arrival Guarantee when you purchase chickens, ducks, or other live poultry. is truly the best place on the web to browse, compare, and purchase poultry of any kind.

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Welsh Harlequin Ducklings and Welsh Harlequin Ducks Welsh Harlequin Ducks
Price: $9.99

Pekin Ducks for Sale, Pekin Ducklings, Pekin Duck Image Pekin Ducks
Price: $5.99

Khaki Campbell Ducklings and Khaki Campbell Ducks Khaki Campbell Ducks
Price: $6.49

The Farm Apron Photo The Farm Apron
Price: $19.99
Buy Asia Black Chickens, Asia Black Chicks for Sale, Asia Black Picture Image Asia Black Chickens
Price: $2.75

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chickens Image Silver Laced Wyandotte Chickens
Price: $3.59
Spring Sale: $3.49

Black Australorp Chickens Image Black Australorp Chickens
Price: $3.59
Spring Sale: $3.49

Buy Rainbow Chickens, Rainbow Chicks for Sale, Rainbow Picture Image Rainbow Chickens
Price: $2.75

Buy Blue Swedish Ducks for Sale at Blue Swedish Ducks
Price: $7.09

Red Broiler Chicken Image Red Broiler Chicken
Price: $4.19
Early Season Sale Price: $3.99

Mallard Ducklings Domesticated Mallard Ducks Mallard Ducks
Price: $6.49

French Wheaten Marans Chickens Image French Wheaten Marans
Price: $9.99
Spring Sale: $9.79