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Chicken Coop Building Supplies

While we do not sell lumber or steel frames for building the bulk of your chicken coop. eFowl.com does sell a large variety of quality fencing, netting, and chicken wire made specifically with the poultry farmer or wild avian enthusiast. Our semi-permanent electric fencing options like the 25"x48" Electrified Perma-Net Fence can be installed fairly easily and can help keep your livestock and poultry in while keeping the dangerous predators like coyotes, foxes, and racoons out.

We also have high quality Flight Netting for larger poultry and flying waterfowl and pheasants. Strong enough to keep your birds in and predators out, this high quality flight netting is also strong enough to hold up to snow and ice. We also offer the Incredible Poultry Door, allowing you the free range option for your poultry without worrying over letting them in and out of the coop!
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