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We sell Juvenile Wood Duck Pairs that were hatched in the previous Spring season. These ducks will come as male/female pairs and in the appropriate environment will mate and lay eggs this upcoming spring, allowing you to enjoy breeding and raising this beautiful duck species on your own. With the exception of the Australian Wood duck, all of our other Wood duck varieties are native to North America and can be found wild in many regions throughout the United States.

We ship our Juvenile Wood Ducks from October through April during the cooler months of the year. Wood Ducks are a fascinating and beautiful breed of duck with crests and plumage patterns that are quite aesthetic and pleasing to the human eye. We recommend this hardy breed, along with Juvenile Mandarin Duck Pairs for all avian enthusiasts who are new to raising and breeding rare and exotic waterfowl.
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American Wood Duck Pairs Apricot Wood Duck Pairs (Pinioned) White Mandarin Duck Pairs
1 Male/Female Juvenile Pair for $142.99

Sold Out Until Fall 2015
1 Male/Female Juvenile Pair for $174.99

Sold Out Until Fall 2015
1 Male/Female Juvenile Pair for $280.00
Sold Out Until Fall 2015
American Wood Ducks Pairs Apricot Wood Ducks Pairs White Mandarin Ducks
White Wood Duck Pairs
1 Male/Female Juvenile Pair for $384.99
Sale Price $349.99
Sold Out Until Fall 2015
White Wood Ducks Pairs
These duck are safely and comfortably shipped in poultry boxes specialized for shipping adult birds. You will receive your ducks approximately 1-3 days after shipping. All adult birds are sold in Male/Female Pairs. is committed to offering the best customer service in your experience of buying ducks. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us by sending an email to

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