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We sell Juvenile Shelduck Pairs that were hatched in the previous Spring season. These ducks will come as male/female pairs and in the appropriate environment they will mate and lay eggs. The are several varieties Shelduck, most of which are native to temperate climates around Europe and Asia. Many of these breeds of ducks are difficult to find, but their beauty and fascinating plumage patterns make this sought after duck species a prize among rare and exotic avian enthusiasts.

Shelducks are an interesting breed of duck and have many characteristics that are not normal for most other duck species. Shelducks are medium to large duck breeds, and to many appear goose-like in stature as well as during flight. Another interesting characteristics of some Shelducks is that the females can often be more brightly colored than the males.

We offer many different breeds of adult shelducks, including the : Shelducks are a medium sized bird that can fly and should be clipped until they become acclimated, pinioned, or kept in a covered aviary if to be kept captivated. In their natural habitat, Shelducks enjoy nesting in tree cavities, or in rotted out tree stumps so it is appropriate to provide them with some sort of nesting area to suit their individual needs. Access to water is also beneficial to their captive environment.

We ship our Juvenile Shelducks from October to April during the cooler months of the year. These breeds of ducks are a perfect choice someone with a little experience in raising exotic adult breeds looking for a beautiful new addition to the flock.
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These duck are safely and comfortably shipped in poultry boxes specialized for shipping adult birds. You will receive your ducks approximately 1-3 days after shipping. All adult birds are sold in Male/Female Pairs.

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