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  Buff Leghorn Chicken
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Buff Leghorn Chicken - We do not currently have plans to offer this breed in the future.


Buff Leghorn Chicks

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We do not have plans to carry this breed in the future. Feel free to leave your email address below to be notified if we have it available.

Buff Leghorn Chicken

Buff Leghorns are a beautiful and solid buff colored variety of the Leghorn Breed. The Buff Leghorn Chicken became a standard breed of the Mediterranean Class in 1894, and while this single colored variety is quite beautiful, it is still rare in the United States. Like the other Leghorn varieties, the Buff Leghorn is a very active bird and a non-sitter, but this variety has not yet been perfected for its utility as an exceptional layer of white eggs yet so it is mainly kept for its exhibition purposes.

This breed will become more popular as its large white egg laying traits are honed through selective breeding and as people move toward adding more of a color variety to their white egg laying flock. This breed is an excellent breed for exhibition because it does exhibit the physical qualities of prize winning Leghorn chickens with its medium sized comb with five points that are deeply serrated. The breed is similar in stature and plumage to the other Leghorn varieties, but what sets the Buff Leghorn from the rest is its rich golden plumage.

The Leghorn is a vocal and active bird as well as an excellent forager, and they can often be flighty, avoiding human contact. They have excellent food to energy conversion ratio and require little physical maintenance. These chickens are excellent fliers and will roost in trees if they are raised as free range birds. They are quite active and will enjoy the freedom of roaming free range.
Product Facts

Buff Leghorn Chicken Info

  • Adult Weight - Male: 5.5 pounds ; Female: 4 pounds
  • Color - Rich golden buff plumage, single red comb and wattle, white ear lobes, yellow feet
  • Purpose - Egg Laying and Exhibition
  • Egg Production - Good, around 180 per year
  • Broodiness - Non-sitters
  • Egg Size and Color -Medium-Large White
  • Country of Origin -USA

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