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Breeds by Egg Color

One of the simplest and most demanding ways that flock owners want to choose their baby chicks is by what color egg they will produce as laying hens. At eFowl we have developed this category for you to easily distinguish the brown egg layers from the white egg layers, as well as easily pick out those few breeds that lay colorful blue, green, or chocolate colored eggs. Our most popular brown egg layers are the Barred Plymouth Rock and the Rhode Island Red, but if you are looking the maximum production, check out the Production Red Chicken Breed.

The White Leghorn has been heralded as the champion white egg laying chicken breed, and has been used as the primary producer of white eggs commercially in the United States for many years now. If you want to branch away from the typical white or light brown colored eggs, check out the Easter Egger Chicken and the Welsummer Chicken to see what other colored eggs are out there!
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These baby chicks are safely and comfortably shipped hours after they hatch. You will receive your baby chicks when they are about 24-48 hours old. Most of our chicks for sale have a minimum order quantity of 10 birds.

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