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  Blue Red Cubalaya Chickens
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Blue Red Cubalaya Chicken

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Blue Red Cubalaya Chicks

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Blue Red Cubalaya Chicken

The Blue Red Cubalaya Chicken is the most common variety of Cubalaya Chickens found in Cuba. The Cubalaya Chicken is an extremely rare chicken breed originating in Cuba. Cubalaya Chickens were originally bred for egg production, game, and meat. Since the breed was brought to the United States in 1939 it's popularity has grown due to the male's unique and beautiful feathering features. The Cubalaya Chicken has a stately carriage and a long downward angling tail.

The males are very colorful and some present an excellent exhibition display. Though they were once bred as a game bird, the Cubalaya Chicken is very popular because it is easily tamed and can have an extremely friendly temperament. They may tend to be courageous and fearless of predators unless caution is learned young from other birds. Another unique trait is that the males of this breed lack spurs, preventing them from injuring other cocks in bouts for dominance.

Cubalaya Chickens are medium sized birds that are slow to mature, cocks weight around 6 pounds and hens weighing approximately 4 pounds. They may not reach full adulthood until about 3 years, but they will be able to reproduce after seven months. They are reliable layers of light brown or tinted eggs, and they do dress well for the table when mature. Cubalaya Chickens do not tolerate confinement and enjoy ranging and foraging in grassy areas.

***The Cubalaya Hens not near as colorful or aesthetically appealing as the males, but the males are only made available when females are purchased as well.***
Product Facts

Blue Red Cubalaya Chicken Info

  • Adult Weight - Male: 6 pounds ; Female: 4 pounds
  • Color - Red Pea Comb, White or Light Horn Beak, Reddish bay eyes, Light Pink Shanks and Feet; Males: Long Dense gold wheaten feathers around the neck and falling across the saddle, rich blue breast wing feathers, long iridescent teal colored tail feathers; Hens: Mostly wheaten colored (light brown cinnamon)
  • Egg Production - Good
  • Egg Size - Small to Medium
  • Egg Color - Tinted or Light Brown
  • Country of Origin -Cuba

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