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Blue Andalusian Chickens

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Blue Andalusian Chicks

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Blue Andalusian Chicken

The Blue Andalusian Chicken is the only variety of the Andalusian Chicken that is accepted by the American Poultry Association. The Blue Andalusian Chicken was originally developed in the Andalucia Province in Spain. This breed is thought to be one of the oldest of the Mediterranean Breeds of Chickens.

Though the Blue Andalusian Chicken is the only variety accepted by the APA, when two Blue Andalusian Chickens are crossed, 25% of the offspring will be black and another 25% will be white or splash colored. This is an active and talkative bird that is raised primarily as an ornamental breed and is a very good layer of large white eggs. They are not good sitters, but they are dependable cold weather layers.

The Blue Andalusian Chicken long, thin wattles and a medium sized, almond shpaed, bright white ear lobes. The standard cock weighs 7 pounds on average and the hens weigh around 5.5 pounds. The coloring of the Blue Andalusian Chicken is a slate blue color with some dark lacing around the feathers. The cocks are a darker slate blue than the hens. Blue Andalusians are excellent exhibition chickens aside from their great large egg laying abilities.
Product Facts

Chicken Breed Information Chart
Adult Weight
Class Type Egg Size and Color
Broodiness Behavior
Blue Andalusian
Male: 7lb
Female: 5lb
Mediterranean Egg Layer
Fancy Breed: Blue Feathers
Chalky and Creamy White

Mostly non-broody
Prefers free range, but can be adapted to confinement.  Active and flighty, generally avoiding human contact.

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