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  Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens
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Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

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Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks

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Price: $3.29

Availability: Available to Hatch and Ship in 4-5 Weeks

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Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

The Plymouth Rock Chicken is one of the older and most popular layers of brown eggs in the United States. The Barred Plymouth Rock, also known as the Barred Rock, is the most popular variety of the Plymouth Rock breed, and it is also one of the most popular brown egg layers for small farm and back yard chicken farming in the United States. The Barred Plymouth Rock was first shown in 1869, and it was one of the first breeds to be admitted to the American Standard of Excellence in 1874. Barred Rock Chickens were created by crossing a male Dominique with a female Black Cochin or Black Java to produce a heavy breed of chicken with the plumage pattern and egg laying capabilities of the Dominique and the broodiness and docile temperament of the Black Cochin.

Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens are an excellent dual purpose chicken breed and they will lay an exceptional number of large brown eggs over their lifetime. They will lay between 200-300 eggs in a year, and when they no longer have any laying utility they are large enough to produce a good amount of chicken meat. The Barred Plymouth Rock is often confused with the Dominique Chickens, but they Dominique will have a rose comb while the Barred Rock has the more recognizable single comb. They are great backyard birds and usually have fairly calm temperaments when interacted with from a young age. Another great quality of the Barred Rock is that their "barring" plumage pattern is a sex-link characteristic, meaning that the males and females can be differentiated from birth simply by color. The females will be much darker and have much more black than the males.

The Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken is an extremely hardy and heavy breed that will thrive in almost all conditions and climates in the United States. Under the right conditions they will continue to lay well throughout the winter. This bird is highly recommended for families and backyard farmers who wish to raise birds for egg purposes, but may also want to harvest the meat as well. They can be tamed easily and are great for children wishing to handle the birds.

Product Facts

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken Info

  • Adult Weight - Male: 8-9 pounds ; Female: 6 pounds
  • Color - Black and White Barred, Yellow Skin, Smaller Comb
  • Purpose - Dual Purpose - Egg Laying and Meat Production
  • Egg Production - Excellent
  • Egg Color - Brown
  • Country of Origin -United States

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Marek's Disease Vaccination for Chicks

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Cute and Happy! January 20, 2015
Reviewer: Nancy from Conifer, CO United States  
I ordered 15 Barred Rock Chicks. They were shipped and arrived at the post office on schedule.  The chicks are all healthy and energetic… and so cute!

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
13 of 15 survived delivery December 22, 2014
Reviewer: Garden River Ranch LLC from Elkton, FL United States  
Two were demised and 1 is spastickly flopping with a wing lower than the other.  The tracking thru the USPS was not working properly and the post office called me to pick up the order which after speaking with them, they put on their "Priority Truck".  Box was not marked Priority Properly they said.  Anyway, the 13 that survived are thriving and other than being 2 short now, the only suggestion I could make regarding their delivery would be to use more shavings and a bigger box.  The warming block was still warm upon receipt.  That was a good thing.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Swapped for Buff Orpington Chickens December 16, 2014
Reviewer: Keith from Lunenburg, MA United States  
To avoid shipping delays customer service swapped in 12 Buff Orpington Chicks for me. It's been over a week now and 10 out of 12 are still alive. I've raised online ordered chicks several times over the past 2 years never lost any chicks before, but this order 3 out of 27 chicks have died. Two refused to eat/drink and one healthy chick died for unknown reasons. However I'm happy to report the rest are doing great and are growing quickly. eFowl has great customer service and great quality chicks. When you order females you get females, no funny business. Highly recommend!

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens October 17, 2014
Reviewer: Marjorie McIntosh from Glenn, CA United States  
If I order ISA Chicks, when can I expect them? I cannot accept after November 1.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
1st Time Ordering October 16, 2014
Reviewer: Ashley Coons from Kodak, TN United States  
My husband and I are new to chickens. I ordered a mix of 3 breeds at a total of 15 chickens. All arrived healthy and chirping away at the post office! We even got an extra chick for free. A week later and all birds are doing great, growing, and healthy. Thank you! Will definitely order again!

Was this review helpful to you?

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