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  Australian Wood Duck Pairs
Australian Wood Ducks Pairs

Australian Wood Duck

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Australian Wood Duck Juvenile Pairs

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Full Winged (Fully Capable of Flight)
Clipped Wings (Temporarily Rendered Flightless)
Pinioned Wings (Permanently Rendered Flightless)

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Australian Wood Duck Pairs

Australian Wood Ducks, also known as "Maned Ducks" or "Maned Geese" are a dabbling duck breed found throughout most regions in Australia. The Australian Wood Duck is a simply but distinctly colored bird with dark brown heads, gray bodies, and two black stripes along their backs. These ducks have white speculums, or secondary feathers, as well as black wing tips that help distinguish them in flight. Australian Wood Ducks are similar in statute and color to Australian Pygmy Geese, but are larger and can easily be distinguished by the bold white primary feathers while in flight.

The Australian Wood Duck is unique to many other breeds of water fowl in that they don't enjoy taking to open water as readily as most ducks. Unless disturbed or threatened, Australian Wood Ducks will dabble in shallow waters in swampy woodlands or marshes. Their primary method of feeding is in flocks in grassy pastures where it grazes on clover, grasses, and sometimes insects. Though sometimes a nuisance to farmers, these ducks have also benefited from irrigated farmland and also man made dams.

The Australian Wood Duck is a rather small duck, usually weighing between 2-3 pounds, and in shape is similar to a miniature goose. Australian Wood Ducks are monogamous animals that form pairs and stay together throughout the year. The females generally lay about 8-11 small creamy white eggs in tree nests. While some breeds of ducks do not share parenting responsibilities between the males and females, these ducks will both help to feed and rear the young until about a month after hatching.
Product Facts

Australian Wood Duck Info

  • Weight - Males: 1.5 - 2.5 pounds ; Females: 1.5-2
  • Color - Dark brown and gray body with two black stripes running down the back. The Males have darker heads with a small mane; mottled brownish gray breast with gray flanks and black undersides. The females have distinct white stripes over and under both eyes and lighter mottled breast plumage. They will also have a white lower belly and undertail. Both male and female with have white speculums, or secondary feathers on the wings.
  • Egg Color - Creamy White

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