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  Australian Black Swan Pairs
Adult Australian Black Swan, Juvenile Australian Black Swan Pairs


Australian Black Swan Pairs

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1 Male/Female Juvenile Pair for $1,050.00

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Australian Black Swan Adult Pairs

The Black Swan was first discovered by Europeans in the 17th Century during an expedition up the Swan River by Willem de Vlamingh. Australian Black Swans breed mainly in Southern Australia, and they prefer to live along fresh or saltwater lakes and other brackish swamps or rivers where they feed mostly on aquatic plant life and grasses. They certainly prefer permanent wetlands as they are not a strongly migratory species of waterfowl, but they will relocate depending on the amount of rainfall in their region. These exotic waterfowl are extremely popular in Europe as ornamental birds for private ponds and lakes.

Australian Black Swans have mostly black feathering other than some white wing feathers that are primarily seen in flight. These beautiful creatures have a bright red bill with a white bar and spot on the top front of the bill. The Black Swan has a long and elegant S-shaped neck that catches the eye of any observer, and this feature alone is why so many ornamental fowl collectors wish to have one of these beautiful birds in their collection or on their pond. The Males are slightly larger than the females, but besides the size and the slightly longer and straighter bill, the male and female Black Swan are virtually identical. They both make a loud bugle like sound that can be heard either while they are in flight or on the water.

In their natural habitat, the Black Swan females will build a nest from or in large mounds of reeds or other aquatic plant that piles up around lakes or on the shore of islands. They will lay between 4 - 8 greenish white eggs that will incubate for approximately 35-40 days. These birds are typically monogamous and will share the care of the nest. After breeding, the birds will molt and become flightless for about a month, where they will take refuge on large bodies of water to avoid the threat of predators.
Product Facts

Australian Black Swan Info

  • Weight - Varies widely between 10-20 Pounds
  • Color - Mostly black with some white wing feathers that are prominent in flight. Bright red bill with a white bar and spot near the tip.
  • Egg Color - Greenish White
  • Clutch - 4-8
  • Incubation - 35-40 days

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