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African Goose Breeds for Sale

African Geese are a domesticated breed of goose descended from the Wild Swan Goose. While they are similar to the Chinese Goose, they are a heavier build, with a larger dewlap under their heads and a different knob shape on their bills.

African Goslings are popular as pet geese or home flock geese because they have a calm temperament and docile disposition. They are available in three colors, the common Brown, and the rarer White and also Buff.

Interestingly enough, African Geese are not actually African at all. It is disputed as to what their origin is, but two key theories exist. One is that they are a cross of the Chinese Goose and Wild Swan Goose, while the other is that they are the result of a selective breeding of solely the Wild Swan Goose.
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These goslings are safely and comfortably shipped hours after they hatch. You will receive your baby geese when they are about 24-48 hours old. Most of our geese for sale have no minimum order quantity.

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